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The Lobo School for the Blind works to give their students said knowledge and training, but also opens the door to a plethora of opportunities. Through the Lobo School for the Blind, these students are taught to lead independent lives and reach their full potential. However, some of the modern technology that can take this education to the next level is quite expensive. I was motivated to donate to this school through the Konkani Charitable Fund in hopes that these new technologies will create a variety of new opportunities for these students.

About Neha:

Neha Basti is a high school student in Chicago, Illinois. Despite her distance from her birthplace of Mangalore, India, she tries to bring her Indian heritage into her daily life whenever possible. She enjoys music, dance, and anything related to food. After 10 years of studying Bharatanatyam, she performed her Arangetram, or graduation, in Mangalore on August 9, 2014. She asked that her guests and well wishers donate to the Lobo School for the Blind through the Konkani Charitable Fund. Through their generosity, $1,500 was raised for the cause.

Neha is our hero for giving up here Arangetram presents to help the students at Lobo School for blind in Mangalore , India. We sincerely hope more young students in this country follow Neha Basti Shenoy  & Roshan Pai's example & help poor & needy people in India by raising funds . The directors of Konkani Charitable fund will extend all the help for young students if they want to raise funds for Konkani Charitable Fund to help Mentally & Physically challenged children  & poor students to complete their education. We also help poor people in old age homes.

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Emergency COVID relief Fund Progress

Update 6/18/21:

Total donations received $103,367.

We sent $10,000 more for the PM cares fund.

Thus Total Funds disbursed for India Covid Relief Efforts amount to $93,500.

-KCF Board of Directors.



Konkani Charitable Fund is now accepting donations by checks & wire transfers for Pai Team Fundraising to provide assistance to the needy & deserving students to acquire better & higher education. The GSB Scholarship League, Wadala, Mumbai will administer the selection &  award of grants to the deserving students. The donations will be channeled through the Konkani Charitable Fund. Since KCF is a 501(c)(3) charity, the donors from the USA will get a tax deduction under Federal law.  read more..


Welcome to Konkani Charitable Fund (EIN: 90-0482868) 

Konkani Charitable Fund is a group of Konkanis residing in North America who are trying to help needy Konkanis worldwide. This group was founded shortly after North American Konkani Association Sammelan 2008 in Santa Clara, CA with an idea that if we can have over 1300 delegates from all over come to meet and celebrate our heritage and culture, imagine what we can do to harness that energy and enthusiasm in a positive direction for social service. Read more...



Konkani Charitable Fund Inc. is a registered non-profit charitable organization under IRS code 501(C)(3). Our EIN#  is 90-0482868


Konkani Charitable Fund Inc.

43 Spray Court Bayport, NY 11705

EIN: 90-0482868

phone: (631) 472-1418


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