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The 1 % imperative

No, I am not writing about the top 1% of the American population by net worth or the ultra-rich 0.1%. It is 1% in a different angle where this blog is focused on. The average Konkani amongst us may not be...

Our Heros

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Medha Acharya

      Medha Acharya Performa ARPANA, a fund raiser…

Nandan, Lakshan, Arya Pai

Inspired by their grandparents, KV Kamath & Rajalakshmi Kamath &…

Amay Kamath and Tanvi Mallya

   “No one has ever become poor by giving.”- Anne…

Roshan Pai

Roshan Pai is a high school senior who lives in…


Konkani Charitable Fund Inc.

43 Spray Court Bayport, NY 11705

EIN: 90-0482868

phone: (631) 472-1418