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 “No one has ever become poor by giving.”- Anne Frank

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted  to do something meaningful with my free time. With all the volunteering services being closed, I didn’t have a lot of options. One day, my mom mentioned an email from Gopal-mam, president of Konkani Charitable Fund. My family was familiar with this organization because my aunt, Shalini Pai(a KCF hero), has been involved with them for quite some time. The email stated that our brethren needed help back in India as a result of the pandemic. I thought, why not appeal to our local Konkani association, Michkon, for donations. I shared this idea with my friend, Tanvi Mallya, and we both agreed to start a GoFundMe. We started off with a modest goal of $500 and little did we know that we would exceed this amount within a few days. And so we raised our goal to $1,000 and soon, even that was exceeded. We were ecstatic that our family and friends were so generous with their contributions. As we hit $1,500, Tanvi and I began to contact other Konkani associations across the country and around the world. The money kept increasing and our friends kept donating. $2,447 has been raised on the GoFundMe, alone, and $500 was sent directly to KCF in our names. In total, we have collected $2,997. The president of KCF was so impressed with work done by these two teenagers that he donated a matching amount of $ 3003  to make total donation to $6000. 

Donations will be used for any number of necessities, including medical care, especially for Konkanis living in rural areas of India. These are the places that need the most attention as economic inequality is the greatest here. The need is even greater now as India has the third largest number of COVID-19 cases in the world. If after reading this, you would like to contribute, please donate to KCF and help Gopal-mam further his cause. We are extremely proud of the money we raised and we can’t wait to hear the help it’ll bring to Konkanis.

Amay Kamath

Amay Kamath is a high school senior living in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan with high hopes for the future. His favorite things to do are to watch Bollywood movies with his family, hang out with friends, read a good book, and travel to other countries around the world. At school, Amay is a part of the STEM Biomedical academy. He is also the captain of his high school’s swim team as well as a varsity athlete. Amay is the secretary and co-founder of the PCEP American Red Cross club, a member of his school’s Congress(student government), and a volunteer at his local hospital. Amay works at Kumon as tutor and enjoys helping kids. He’s also helping his mom raise her second Future Leader Dog for the Blind. In college, Amay would like to major in pre-med or biology and go on to medical school to become a doctor.


Tanvi Mallya

Tanvi Mallya is a current high school senior attending Salem High school in Canton, MI. She is part of the biomedical STEM program at her school and has hopes of  pursuing a career in the biomedical field. Throughout the years, Tanvi has consistently volunteered at the humane society, food ministry, and blood drives. To continue her passion for volunteering and spread the opportunity to others, Tanvi co-founded an American Red Cross club at her school in which she organized various fundraisers, raising money for Australian wildfires, measles & rubella vaccinations, and more. In addition, Tanvi is part of the varsity pom team at her school and has been a part of the team for 4 years. When she is not practicing or working, Tanvi enjoys cooking, spending time with friends, and listening to music.




Pai Family Fundraising for GSB Scholarship League


Konkani Charitable Fund in association with Pai Team Fundraising will now provide assistance to the needy & deserving students to acquire better & higher education. The GSB Scholarship League will administer the selection &  award of grants to deserving students.

Update 8/27/21

Amount collected in India $60,524

Amount collected in USA $100,914

Amount collected from rest of the world $10,000

Total $171,438


Emergency COVID relief Fund Progress


Update 8/31/21
We received $ 1275 in donations since last update hence final total of Money raised is $118,805.
We sent $ 7000 to Sewa International on 7/6/21 Thus total for Sewa is $12,000.
We sent $ 5000 to GSB Sabha Dahisar- Borivali on 7/17/21 for vaccination drive in Western suburbs for impoverished Konkanis.
We sent $ 5000 to GSB sabha, Matunga for their vaccination drive.
We sent a check of $ 5000 to American Association of Indian Physicians
Charitable Foundation in Oakbrook, Illinois.(Thus the total for AAPI Charitable Foundation will be $ 10,000)
We are sending $ 3000 to Gowd Saraswat Sevak Samaj in Bangalore to help with their program to give weekly allowance to poor families affected by Covid19 to buy daily necessities like food & clothes.
Thus we have disbursed all the money( $ 118,000) raised for Covid 19 Emergency fund.
Our hats off to the generosity of the Konkani Community in the USA. 






Welcome to Konkani Charitable Fund (EIN: 90-0482868) 

Konkani Charitable Fund is a group of Konkanis residing in North America who are trying to help needy Konkanis worldwide. This group was founded shortly after North American Konkani Association Sammelan 2008 in Santa Clara, CA with an idea that if we can have over 1300 delegates from all over come to meet and celebrate our heritage and culture, imagine what we can do to harness that energy and enthusiasm in a positive direction for social service. Read more...



Konkani Charitable Fund Inc. is a registered non-profit charitable organization under IRS code 501(C)(3). Our EIN#  is 90-0482868


Konkani Charitable Fund Inc.

43 Spray Court Bayport, NY 11705

EIN: 90-0482868

phone: (631) 472-1418


or fill in the form on our contact page