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2142 San Benito Drive, Fremont, CA 94539
EIN: 90-0482868

(408) 687 8186


Every good job is the beginning of good things to come. May this one be the start of many other jobs that make your future awesome! Well-done MEDHA!

Medha Acharya had a dream! She wanted to raise money to help those less fortunate. She is a very accomplished dancer and decided to have a dance program to raise funds. "Arpana" was her brainchild and she spent most of her summer working to help raise money for KCF, which sends money to various projects in India. Arpana has performed to a full house and was very well received by the audience.  

Medha performed traditional Bharatanatyam pieces in the first half, along with a couple of dances with her friends, starting with the Pushpanjali and ending with Thillana. She recruited help with participation from her friends in the second half, since she thought group dances would enhance the program.  They presented folk dances, classical fusion and also a popular Bollywood number. All in all, the program was a grand success!

Medha is a girl of many talents. A beautiful dancer who performs classical Bharatanatyam, semi classical and Bollywood as well! She has also performed and choreographed at many of our KAOCA events. She is a singer and has been trained in western pop and jazz, and western classical, and she is a choral singer at school. She also participated in Irvington Idol and won 3rd place judges’ choice. She draws and paints for relaxation. She is an athlete too and has been playing competitive soccer since 1st grade. She played as a goalkeeper for her school varsity team. She was a varsity debater for 3 years, part of a parliamentary debate team in school, and an officer for the debate club at school organizing and teaching new debaters.

Reading has been a passion with her, she loves to watch Bollywood movies, the news, and she loves politics. And of course like any other teenager, she is on FB and loves to sleep!!!

Medha Acharya is an energizer bunny! She keeps going and going and stops at nothing! 

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in living your own life that you forget about helping others. And while it’s important to put yourself first sometimes, it’s even more important to help others whenever you can. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to help those in need. MEDHA, a big thank you to Medha, her parents Aruna & Ram Acharya & her team.

Money Raised By Arpana Fund Raiser for KCF:

Year 2015 $ 22,210
Year 2016 $ 32,482
Year 2017 $ 27,307
Year 2018 $ 70,170
Year 2019 $ 56,667
Year 2020 $ 90,000 (rounded)
Year 2021 $ 82,000 (rounded)
Year 2022 $ 92,000 (rounded)

Over the years the total Money raised by Arpana Fundraisers, it is $472,800






Some of the leading charities that we support are:


• Chetana Child Development Center, Mangalore. Please watch a Youtube Video about their activities.


• Anandashram Seva Trust, Puttur. Please watch a Youtube Video about their activities.


• Srivali Trust, Shirali. Please watch a Youtube Video about their activities.


• Vishwa Konkani Kendra, Mangalore. Please watch a Youtube Video about their activities.


Click here for the entire list.



Welcome to Konkani Charitable Fund (EIN: 90-0482868) 

Konkani Charitable Fund is a group of Konkanis residing in North America who are trying to help needy Konkanis worldwide. This group was founded shortly after North American Konkani Association Sammelan 2008 in Santa Clara, CA with an idea that if we can have over 1300 delegates from all over come to meet and celebrate our heritage and culture, imagine what we can do to harness that energy and enthusiasm in a positive direction for social service. Read more...



Konkani Charitable Fund Inc. is a registered non-profit charitable organization under IRS code 501(C)(3). Our EIN# is 90-0482868



Konkani Charitable Fund Inc.

2142 San Benito Drive, Fremont, CA 94539

EIN: 90-0482868

phone: (408) 687 8186






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